Blue Background NEW Chris & Chris (transparent background) Chris with Camera PNG4BB 3rd Star Duo Award 2015 (a) Candyman1 Charleston1 Crazy For You (Rachel & Margaret2) FAME (Julie & Margaret2) 1st President Award2 Hoe Down3 Chris's Toe Tappers Original Class of '87(smaller2 Irish Jig 2012 (Lisa, Mandy, Liz) Lizs Party 2 First Show! First Show(2) 76 Trombones 60th Party - Jive(Ros, Karen & Betty) 60th Party - Paso Doble (Jane, Sandy, Karen & Caro 60th Party - Stepping Out2 Chris''s Toe Tappers2 Show2 Stepping Out Reprise (Barr Beacon Show) 2002 Jubilee Celebration Night 11 Jubilee Celebration Night 2 Liz B's Pic (1c) Moor Hall Aug 2018 (e) Promo Shot 1(edited2) Top Hat (Oct 2014) 2020 Dinner (Ladies1) 2020 Dinner (Awards3) Presentation Dinner 1996(2) Presentation Dinner 1998(4) 2017 Dinner (a2) Presentation Dinner 2007 (June, Rachel & Lorraine) Presentation Dinner 2010 (Monday Table 1) PICT0007B Soft Shoe2 Dinner 2012(4) Moor Hall Aug 2017 (3b)