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Our Costumes

Over the years Chris's Toe Tappers have aquired many Costumes/Props/Headwear

for the various Exam and Show Dances we've choreographed & performed and have always received wonderful & positive comments for our designs and creations!!


On this page we have listed a large selection of our custom made Costumes, Headwear and Accessories and photos of our Ladies wearing these Costumes can be found on our 'Photo Gallery' page.  

Please enquire via email if you should wish to hire any of these and we will let you know if at all possible.

Showstopping Costumes


Headwear Collection 2019(shadow) Dressmaking2 Framed PNG2
Headwear Collection 2019(b2) Accessories (2b) All That Jazz (2b) Candyman Jive Costume (2b) Charleston Costume (2b) Clown Costume (2b) Country & Western Costume (2b) Cummerbunds (2b) Disco Costume Gold Spanish Costume (2b) Hairspray Costume (2b) Hoe Down Costume (2b) Irish Costume (1c) Irish Costume (2c) Jive Costume (2b) Modern Millie Costume (2b) Paso Doble Costume (2b) Pink Cha Cha Cha (2b) Pink Spanish Costume (2b) Rock & Roll Costume (2b) Purple Waistcoat & Bow Tie (Framed) Top Hat & Waistcoat (2b) Trilby Collection (2b) Yellow Bird Costume (2b) Dirty Dancing (Pink Skirts) FAME Costume and Accessories Aladdin (5th Star Duo Award) Irish Mask & Headpiece (Framed) Blue Cha Cha Skirts(2) Poka Dot Gloves Cell Block Tango Headdresses Purple Blue Shine PNG