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Published in 2009, this book is a collection of stunning colour photos from the past 20 years, including dress rehearsal & exam costume photographs, performance photographs and Presentation Dinner photos as well!! 

A fitting Celebration of 

Chris's Toe Tappers.

Celebration In Pictures

Celebrating 25 years of

Chris's Toe Tappers!!

Includes introductions

from Chris & Chris, more costume/dinner photos as well as photos of the original class of '86 and a 'Hall of Fame'.

Our 25th & 30th

These Books Celebrate

our 25th and 30th


Celebrating 25 Years

Costume Collection

This book is a collection of images and descriptions of various Chris's Toe Tappers costumes that have been created during the past 20 years for exams and shows

that the Toe Tappers have taken part in!!

PLEASE NOTE!!  ALL IMAGES are Copyright of Chris's Toe Tappers

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