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On this page are listed all the current Adult Tap Awards from the I.D.T.A  Adult Tap Syllabus.  

Also included are photos of the Awards and the I.D.T.A exam marking system.

Adult Tap Awards

Bronze, Silver & Gold Medal Test:

These comprise of 2 8 Bar Amalgamations, followed by 1 Routine which must not exceed 1 min & 30 seconds.  The Silver & Gold will obviously be to a higher standard and include more difficult steps!!  As of 2012 the I.D.T.A Medals changed so the candidate will now receive a Medal on a ribbon.

(Green for Bronze, Blue for Silver & Red for Gold)

All the Gold Bar Medal Tests comprise of 2 8 Bar Amalgamations, followed by 1 Routine, although the length of the Routine is increased to 2 minutes. Each Gold Bar must be of a higher standard than the previous, with more difficult steps and choreography.  For 1st & 2nd Gold Bar the recipient will receive a plaque, however for 3rd Gold bar the recipient receives a cup.

Each Star Award comprises of 2 contrasting Dances, both of which must not exceed 2 minutes.  Props can be used, so these are more 'Show' styled Dances (e.g Charleston, Jive, Hoe-Down etc..).  For 1st Star you receive a wooden shield with the 1st Star affixed & for the other 4 Awards you receive an individual Star to add to your Shield.

Star Awards 1-5:

President Awards 1-4:

The Presidents Awards comprise of 2 Dances, each of which must not exceed 2 mins.  The first routine is 'Varying Style & Tempo', the second has to

'Depict a chosen Theme' and once again props may be used.  

The 4 Awards are Trophies in ascending sizes.

These new tests and can be taken in the same order as the Medal Tests.  Bronze to Gold are 1 Dance Tests, Gold Bars and above are

1 or 2 Dance Tests.  

Awards as pictured.

Duos/Trios Awards:

1st, 2nd and 3rd Gold Bar Medal Tests:

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